May 22, 2019

Investir dans des tribunes modulaires, le meilleur compromis coût & temps de construction

Modular grandstands:  the best compromise for cost and construction times

Our position as a modular grandstand leader combined with the history of our managers (former directors of FC Nantes) has led the company to position itself on the market of modular stadiums in France and worldwide.

It is indeed possible to build a grandstand in a few days with modular construction!

The modularity of Alcor’s construction system combined with the speed of construction allows to meet the needs of this market with a moderate cost.

For international competitions: UEFA, CAN, FIFA, World cup

Hosts of international competitions usually face issues to build, renovate and raise existing stadium capacity in order to meet the competition guidelines. This often occurs in a context of budget and time constraint.

Alcor Equipements already have a strong experience with:

  • the renovation and increase of the capacity of the Yaoundé (Cameroun) stadium for women’s CAN 2016 : installation of 40,000 seats for general public, officials, VIP, VVIP , media and construction of 3,000 seats in modular grandstand, realization of sectors.
  • the renovation and increase of the capacity of the Douala (Cameroun) stadium started end of 2018 and in process of being completed for the CAN 2019 : installation of 25,000 seats for general public and construction of modular grandstands for 11,000 seats
  • the increase of the capacity of Bordeaux and Lyon (France) stadiums for UEFA 2016 with 2,000 seats in modular grandstands
  • the increase of the capacity of the Dinan (France) stadium with the construction of a 540 seats grandstand for the women World ‘cup U20 in 2019
  • the construction of a 20 000 seats stadium in Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast) for the CAN 2021, with a group of French companies composed of Sogea, Egis, Baudin Chateauneuf and Alcor Equipements.

For upgrade of Club’s: L1, L2, Top14, Pro D2, basketball Leagues

Alcor’s construction system offers the best compromise in terms of costs and construction times, which is essential for a club that has only one inter-season to upscale its stadium’s capacity level.

For illustration, we recently built:

  • a grandstand of 1,200 seats in Pau (France) for their upgrade to ‘’National’’ (2018)
  • 2,200 seats in 4 grandstands in La Roche sur Yon (France) for their upgrade to Women’s basketball league (2018)
  • a gallery of 15,000 seats for the FC Aizawl (India) after their title of I-League champion (2017)

For more flexibility in stadium configurations

The stadiums are more and more intended to be used also for cultural purposes (concerts, show…), which requires modification of the existing configuration for hosting these events.

Alcor’s modular system combined with our wide experience in the rental and installation of grandstands for cultural events allows us to offer solutions that meets such requirements.

Alcor has completed an extension to the Bordeaux Matmut Atlantique stadium by connecting to the existing concrete grandstand with a solution to move from a configuration for Football matches to ‘’rugby’’ or ‘’show’’ one.

In Lyon’s newly built Groupama Stadium , we have integrated modular grandstands onto the existing tier which allowed to increase the capacity of the stadium or to make an area free for the installation of a stage during shows.

With budget accessible to all

The easy assembly of our construction system and the low initial investment required allows to offer modular grandstands also for smaller capacities, for example in the most recent ones:

  • a 1,000 seats grandstands for French championship Elite 2019 (St Etienne stadium)
  • two grandstands of each 500 seats for a stadium in Dakar, Senegal (2019)
  • two grandstands of each 300 seats in Pau (2017)
  • two grandstands of each 110 seats for a sports agora projects in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (2019)

Overall, lower cost (modular solutions are on average 2 to 3 times cheaper than traditional concrete construction), shorter timing (a 1,000 seats grandstand can be erected in one day) and greater flexibility (grandstands can be easily removed and adapted) are key deciding factors that drive organizations to adopt Alcor’s innovative modular grandstands solutions.