Portable bleacher

Sale of Indoor or Outdoor Mobile Grandstand

Alcor’s mobile grandstand for indoor venues is ideal for comfortably accommodating spectators or audiences in a sports hall or gymnasium. They can be easily moved thanks to their wheels and stored for multi-purpose rooms. We deliver these mobile grandstand modules everywhere in France, Europe, and worldwide. Outdoor use is possible for unpainted galvanized steel mobile grandstands, with wooden benches treated for outdoor use.

This product is particularly suitable for sports halls but also for the gymnasium of a school or cultural complex (theater). The flexibility of this indoor mobile grandstand allows it to be used for a match, a show, or a graduation ceremony. To optimize space when organizing a new event, each grandstand can accommodate from 2 to 4 people and be easily manipulated and stored.

Optional features include:

  • Backrest
  • Rear and/or side guardrails
  • Side and rear sheet metal closure
  • Removable padded cover
  • Color customization


Outdoors on flat and level ground or indoors

Optimized assembly time

Backrest, rear and/or side guardrails, sheet metal side and rear closure, removable padded cover, painting or galvanizing

Different configurations available

The advantages of an Alcor Équipements mobile bleacher

Alcor Équipements is a recognized player in the mobile and modular grandstand sector. Safety, quality, and ease of use are the objectives pursued in all our innovations concerning spectator accommodation. In addition, our mobile bleacher offers the following benefits:

  1. Ready-to-use mobile bleacher: the product is delivered fully assembled, you just need to unpack it and set it up!
  2. Ease of use: mounted on wheels, each bleacher can be easily moved to change the room configuration or simply to store them.
  3. Safety: non-slip floor, classified M3 fire-resistant, access under the mobile bleacher can be closed off, the metal design of the risers prevents objects from falling under the grandstand… Everything has been designed to offer maximum safety.
  4. Flexibility: combinable modules offer seating for 8 to 24 spectators, from 2 to 6 rows.

No impact on your room’s flooring: the non-marking, anti-trace wheels allow the mobile bleachers to be moved without impacting the surface.

We offer unpainted bleachers for outdoor use (subject to flat and level ground), with specific wheels for easier movement.

Contact us for any price quote request for your custom and personalized mobile bleacher. For a covered outdoor model, see our spectator shelter, Abristade.