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Sale of modular grandstand

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Alcor designs, manufactures, and installs modular bleachers for:

  • Stadiums (extension or new construction): these bleachers are permanent
  • Temporary sports and cultural events
  • Professional rental companies that rent them to their clients

We are leaders in France and present on 3 continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe). Thanks to a unique construction system without screws or bolts and recognized major expertise, we build and install over 300,000 seats worldwide every year.

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Our expertise

To assist you in your purchase of modular bleachers, whether for one-time events or permanent installations, our sales process is centered on a personalized and professional approach.

From VIP seats, boxes, PRM areas, to seats in your club’s colors, with or without coverage, we can work together on your project, develop your specifications, and create your custom bleachers, ensuring that we meet your needs and expectations.

Needs Assessment: Detailed consultation to understand your specific requirements, the type of event, the expected number of spectators, and the unique characteristics of the location. This crucial step allows us to identify the most suitable solution for your situation.

Design and Innovation: Proposal of custom modular bleachers, integrating detailed plans and 3D simulations to provide you with a clear vision of the final project. This proposal considers both functionality and aesthetics while scrupulously adhering to current safety standards.

Offer: Based on the chosen solution, we provide you with a detailed quote, remaining open to any necessary adjustments to ensure the final result.

Manufacturing: Using high-quality materials and efficient production, we commence the manufacturing of your modular bleachers. Each piece undergoes rigorous checks to ensure durability and safety.

Installation: With precision, safety, and experience, our installation team sets up your bleachers.

We can also assist if needed in training your teams on the use and maintenance of your bleachers. Our teams remain available to answer your questions before, during, and after the installation of your bleachers.

Contact us to discover how we can help enhance your cultural and sports spaces and events.

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