Abristade® : Stadium shelter and covered bleachers

Do you need to offer a spectator space sheltered from the sun and rain? Our Abristade® is suitable for creating a small grandstand with a limited capacity for amateur sports fields. Athletics, football, rugby, tennis, basketball… This modular stadium shelter system is ideal for many clubs and communities.

It is easy to assemble and does not need a building permit. Our Abristade® has all the safety guarantees as for all Alcor Equipment’s quality products.  The Abristade® is equipped with advertising space.


Adaptability to the terrain
and respect for the surroundings

Optimized assembly time

With or without cladding, PRM area

ALCOR Équipements technicians perform a 10-point control procedure.

Turnkey intervention by our teams

Scalable configurations

The spectator shelter starts from 20 seated places: an easy-to-assemble mini grandstand

Spectator shelter for 20 or more seats: easy-to-assemble grandstand modules

Abristade® base module is 8 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. It is equipped with 20 seats as well as a 4m covered space to protect the spectators. It can be extended by several additional 4 m modules. Each add-on module can accommodate a grandstand with 20 seats.

To further protect your spectators, an Ondex PVC sheet cladding option is available.

This product is only available for purchase