Our expertise

With our 30 years of experience serving your events and installing permanent bleachers, our technical knowledge enables us to create your custom bleacher while respecting the requirements of your site and your deadlines. We are committed to supporting you throughout the duration of your project.
A common goal: Satisfy your spectators

A unique concept
in France

Our demountable bleachers are composed of standard prefabricated elements. Assembly, by simple interlocking and self-locking of the elements, ensures total safety during assembly.

No screws or bolts! Great simplicity of assembly and disassembly and significant time savings.


We ensure that you always have the latest equipment to guarantee your safety and comfort.

Alcor Equipements systematically carries out a verification of its assemblies with a 10-point checklist.

Indoors or outdoors, we take into account your technical and time constraints with responsiveness.

All our approved installers, holders of the assembly certificate and Caces, are regularly trained in new regulations.


In a constant concern for safety, all our products meet the European standard EN 13200-6 and are approved by the control office Alpes Contrôle.

Alcor technicians are approved, hold their CACES license, are authorized to work at height, and regularly undergo training on standards and safety.


We design our products ourselves thanks to our integrated design office which assimilates your constraints and requirements to be proactive.

Thanks to the modularity of our equipment, we adapt to the constraints of your site (location, grounds, slopes, historical monuments, listed sites). We can also offer you customized tailor-made elements such as colors or materials used.

Our bleachers are designed without screws or bolts, each piece being self-locking. Thanks to this innovation, the risks of oversight are eliminated and assembly times are reduced.


Concerned about the environment and sustainable development, Alcor uses materials that are 99% recyclable (steel, wood, polypropylene), and recycling circuits are set up for each of these materials.

As part of our CSR policy, Alcor exclusively uses carriers who have signed the voluntary commitment charter to reduce CO² emissions.

FAQ Alcor Equipements

Is your event taking place at a classified site or in a historic monument?

Drawing on our experiences on various sites, whether classified, historical, or difficult to access, our mastery of modular bleachers enables us to meet various constraints while respecting the locations entrusted to us.

A bleacher in a confined space?

Thanks to our calculation software and especially our ingenious design office team, we can optimize the available space for your bleachers by offering you maximum seating capacity. Whether it’s on uneven ground or in unusual locations, our teams take on the challenge while adhering to safety standards.

Is your assembly time extremely short?

We understand that on certain sites, every day of rental saved represents a financial stake. Thanks to our unique concept, our demountable bleachers and mobile bleachers are assembled without screws or bolts, by simple interlocking. Moreover, our assembly and disassembly processes are regularly optimized so that our intervention teams remain responsive to your project.

Does your modular bleacher need to be associated with a ticketing plan?

You sell your seats through computerized or manual ticketing; we can create your modular bleacher seating plan, with the option of providing and/or installing numbering.

Do you need a large seating capacity?

From 300 to 30,000 seats, we will provide various solutions to meet your requirements and ensure the same satisfaction.

Are the modular bleachers scalable?

The design of our parts, their simplicity, and interchangeability allow for multiple configurations to be composed from an initial setup. The purchased equipment is thus scalable and can be assembled in the same location or on other sites in different configurations. The Wintrib software is made available to our customers who have purchased bleachers. Our design office also remains available to our customers to study new configurations.

How do I store my bleachers?

If you have storage space, we offer racks for stacking and storing the bleacher elements. We also offer the option of storing your bleachers at our site in Champtocé-sur-Loire (49).

What are the options for assembly and disassembly?

We can intervene upon request to dismantle and reassemble your bleachers. Opt for a turnkey intervention with a complete team or simply intervene as assistance with an approved installer supervising a team provided by you for the assembly/disassembly of your bleachers. The great simplicity of assembly of our bleachers – no screws or bolts – allows for optimized assembly/disassembly times.

What are the checks at the end of assembly?

Before the inspection by the control office, the technicians of ALCOR Equipements carry out a 10-point control procedure.

What is the environmental impact of demountable bleachers?

100% of our bleacher components are recyclable. Our construction sites generate very little waste: 5L are systematically collected and evacuated.