Football Shelter

Shelter for football touchlines and other sports (benches and spectators)

Alcor offers for sale its Abrifoot system to cover the touchline of any type of sports field (tennis, outdoor basketball, hockey, etc.). Unique and created in close collaboration with the French Football Federation (FFF), this product meets the needs of clubs and communities to accommodate players and spectators.

This product, designed according to urban furniture standards, does not require a building permit. With its sleek and modern design, it integrates perfectly into your fields.


Adaptability to the terrain
and respect for the surroundings

Optimized assembly time

Alcor offers its Abrifoot system for sale, designed to cover the sidelines of various sports fields (such as tennis, outdoor basketball, hockey, etc.) and provide shelter for spectators or coaches. Developed in collaboration with the French Football Federation, Abrifoot can be used in various sports settings to protect individuals from the elements or to provide waiting areas. Available in 3-meter modules, Abrifoot can be adapted to accommodate different numbers of people. Its transparent plexiglass side panels allow spectators to have an unobstructed view of the field while also being durable against impacts from balls.

This shelter can also serve as a team bench. When not used to protect coaching staff and substitutes, it can be positioned behind the barriers for spectators. Importantly, no building permits are required for installation, and assembly of each module takes only 3 hours with 2 people.

For more information about this individual football shelter, whether for purchase or rental, please contact us. We provide quotes for customers both in France and internationally. If you’re interested in purchasing or renting a demountable modular grandstand, click on the provided link.