Modular grandstand for stadiums

What is a modular grandstand for stadiums?

Grandstand for stadiums is demountable and can be permanent or relocated.

These bleachers can be used for:

  • Stadium Renovation
  • Increase of stadium capacity
  • Construction of a complete modular stadium

Alcor modular grandstand for stadiums complies with standard EN 13200-6 and is validated by international control authority (Socotec or equivalent). In addition, each piece is engraved to ensure full traceability.

Alcor’s technology and know-how enable to choose the configuration of your modular grandstand: width and depth, number of rows, spacing between seats, depth of walking planks, space under grandstand.


Adaptability to the terrain
and respect for the site

Optimized construction time

.Foundations, grandstand cover, steps, seating, dressing rooms, boxes, PRM area, Press and media area,...

The technicians at ALCOR Équipements perform a 10-point control procedure.

Turnkey intervention by our teams

Optimized, scalable, and custom configurations.

The advantages of Alcor modular grandstands for stadiums

The unique Alcor construction system with each piece self-locking to another and with no screw and no bolt ensure / allows:

Customization options: seatings, cladding, numbering, handrails…

The bleachers can be designed according your needs:

How much does a modular grandstand from Alcor cost?

The cost of an Alcor grandstand for stadium varies greatly depending on the project. To ask for a price study (free of charge), please contact us.