After a solid season, the Gazélec Football Club Ajaccio has been promoted to Ligue 2. For this new season, Alcor Equipment installed 1,828 stadium grandstand seats. Considering the complex and confined configuration of the site – part of the field resting on the roof of a shopping center, the field and grandstands elevated above ground level, and available depth being less than 5 meters – Alcor Equipment optimized the space by installing 1,828 stadium grandstand seats. With less than 5 meters of depth, this raised modular grandstand at 1.60 meters offers perfect visibility of the field with the following features:

  • A grandstand of 1,264 seats and a grandstand of 480 seats, with the front row at ground level
  • Front and rear vomitory access and exits
  • Stadium shell seats and metal bench seats
  • Numbering with adhesive labels
  • Side cladding with welded mesh on the sides of the grandstands and in the vomitory accesses

Alcor Equipment’s expertise in removable grandstands and stadium grandstands thus successfully addressed the major site constraints.