Expertise & Benefits

We understand your needs

Thanks to our long experience in event organization, we are quick to understand each client’s needs and provide well-adapted solutions.

Our concept is unique in France

Our temporary grandstand seating is made of standard prefabricated components. Assembly simply involves fitting the self-locking components together, ensuring maximum safety of installation.

No screws or bolts are required, simplifying assembly and removal to the extreme and resulting in considerable time savings.

In-house design team

Our advanced design capabilities ensure that we can offer innovative solutions which meet your specific requirements.

We maintain our availability and responsiveness throughout the project to provide excellent customer service. Our equipment is constantly upgraded. Our clients' clients can therefore enjoy top quality comfort and view.

We are vigilant about Safety

Safety concerns are our top priority:

  • each component of our products is approved separately by Socotec construction inspection services,
  • our grandstands meet the European standard EN 13200-06,
  • all our installers are registered and hold an installer and Caces certificate,
  • wherever necessary, we implement an individual safety plan (PPSPS).