Tribune démontable de 3 500 places au Château de Versailles

Modular Grandstands
Technical feat in Versailles

Alcor Equipements has achieved a technical feat by installing a majestic grandstand of 3,500 seats on 41 rows.

This modular grandstand allowed to receive the public for performances of the ‘’Bolero de Ravel’’ performed by the Béjart ballet in Lausanne.

Located in the gardens of the Orangery of the Palace of Versailles, this modular platform was built bypassing the topières (shrubs), boxwood and borders, which are all classified.

The Alcor Equipements modular grandstand was also erected around two cypresses whose height was such that they protruded from the platform.

All the operations of unloading and transfer of material, the use of the trolleys and the assembly were done with particular precautions related to the site.

The experience gained by Alcor Equipements on the numerous installations of modular stands in classified sites was a major asset.

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