May 12, 2020

Alcor and Covid-19

Alcor and Covid-19

In the context of the current pandemic, Alcor Equipements is strongly impacted with the cancellation of all sporting and cultural events and without visibility on the date of resumption of activity. But the company has succeeded in making sales in France and abroad.

In France, it will equip the municipalities of Cergy Pontoise, Albi, Velaux with modular grandstands and Abristade, two flagship products of the company Alcor Equipements.

Internationally, where markets are also slowing down, the Republic of Benin has chosen Alcor for its national holiday.

They have ordered from Alcor Equipements a modular covered grandstand with 2,000 seats which will be dispatched at the end of May.This grandstand will be dismantled after the event and used each year for the same celebration as well as for other events.

The exclusive Alcor Equipements system

Alcor, a 17-person SME, is the French specialist in the modular platform.

Our unique system without screws or bolts provides security and simplicity. Alcor markets its products for rental for events and for sale for permanent installations (stadiums, arenas).

In 2019, the company generated 50% of its turnover from exports, with sales in particular in Saudi Arabia and Nepal.