Beach Soccer Tahiti 600places

In September 2013, Tahiti and its capital Papeete hosted the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, a competition won by Russia.

For this exceptional event, Alcor Equipment was selected to build a complete grandstand with 668 seats on 13 rows, featuring transparent front railings, removable covers, and also integrating technical facilities (changing rooms, press room, offices), VIP lounges, and a press platform. This covered grandstand was designed to withstand cyclones, as it was located just a few meters from the sea.

To accomplish this complex construction of the modular grandstand, Alcor Equipment sent a team of 5 technicians, with the equipment having been transported beforehand by boat (20 containers). Assisted by high-quality local labor, the entire structure was built in 6 weeks.

Organizers and FIFA officials unanimously praised the quality of the grandstand construction, describing it as the most beautiful grandstand seen at such a competition.

This modular grandstand, built on specific foundations (due to its proximity to the sea and winds exceeding 200 km/h), now stands as a landmark facility on the island.